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Public Sector

The iA group has worked extensively with the public sector to develop and implement strategies and policies for enhanced performance and delivery. Our collaborative partnerships have included federal ministries and agencies responsible for present and future national directions. Our services have ranged across a wide spectrum of technology products and services, strategy and operational development and implementation.
Malaysia is a growth-oriented country. It has visionary goals to meet and national challenges to channel into growth opportunities. It has embarked on a revolutionary transformation journey, aimed at freeing itself and escaping from the ‘middle-income’ trap to move up the high value added economy ladder.
As a corporate citizen, the Group has been privileged to actively participate in these opportunities which are part and parcel of the national transformation initiatives. We are proud to partner the various public sector initiatives to benchmark enterprise planning and performance, spur growth and ensure efficient delivery management.
We have undertaken several large-scale assignments in public policy and public sector management for key government agencies in the following areas:
Public Policy Reform
Nations have learned the value of policy reforms as a method of creating sustainable economic growth and social infrastructure for their citizens. iA‘s expertise in economic strategy and policy-formulation stem from years of conducting rigorous research and evidence-based analysis.
Institutional Alignment or Institutional Realignment and Reform
Governments’ national transformation priorities only are achieved when their institutions are effective, accountable and sustainable. The iA Group has created institutional designs for public organizations that are cost-effective, practical and that also offer a clear road-map and implementation time-line.
Emerging Delivery Models
Progressive governments benchmark their delivery models to ensure that they are on a continuous path of improvement. When iA recommends and establishes such platforms for our public sector clients we ensure that they are both citizen-centred and user-friendly.
Embracing Change
Executing   large-scale policy reforms is  challenging because public managers often face resistance in their organisations .Hence, managing change is key in all public policy transformation agendas. This is why iA adopts an integrative approach to ensure the success of change management implementation.
In line with the aspirations of the New Economic Model, the focus of our approach with our government clients has always been to support Capability Development and Capacity Building of the client organisation, to ensure that they are able to craft and execute the program strategies, realise the benefits and manage towards the desired outcomes themselves. At the same time we work alongside the client to ensure that the appropriate measurements are established and progress are monitored diligently.
This is The iA Group's value proposition.
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