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Leadership & Change Roundtable, 18th August 2014

Date: 18th August 2014
Moderator: Datuk Dr. Hamzah Kassim, Co-Founder and Group CEO, The iA Group
Venue: The iA Group 1Sentral, Jalan Travers, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Kent M. Keith, CEO of the Greenleaf Centre of Servant
Dr. Peter Shephard, Executive Chairman of the CREDO Trust
Dato’ Dr. Vaseehar, Senior Associate of Kets De Vries Institute

In many organisations the leadership pipelines are broken. In organisation when they settle for insiders, they often find candidates who lack the needed leadership skills to drive transformation or develop others to be leaders. The world is in the brink of major change and is undergoing continuous economic transformation. There is a perception that we are not producing enough leaders at all levels especially at the senior level and C-Levels.

In conjunction with the 5th Anniversary of our Leadership Centre – Leadership Development Forum, The iA Group hosted a Roundtableon “LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE” on Monday, 18th August 2014 at our Leadership Centre, located in 1 Sentral, Jalan Travers, Kuala Lumpur.
The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss the following issues;

  • Are we doing enough to develop future leaders in our organisation?
  • How do we ensure the effectiveness of our leadership development programme?
  • What leadership strategy should we adopt to ensure the responsiveness of our organization to change?

For the past 15 years the The iA Group has been involved in large scale transformation in both public and private sectors and we find organisations continue to face serious challenges to execute business transformation in order to align their business to the changing economic landscape. We find it is timely to bring the subject of leadership for discussion and reflection in view of the serious challenges that we are facing as a nation.

This session was led by Dr. Kent M. Keith of the Greenleaf Centre, a leading institution focusing on Servant Leadership. Greenleaf Centre was founded by Robert Greenleaf who first articulated Servant Leadership philosophy that emphasises putting others' needs first. Servant leaders are attentive to the growth and development of their stakeholders including employees, customers, partners and the community. The approach enriches the lives of the individuals, builds organisations that are more customer focused, and that it ultimately creates a more just and caring world. Dr. Keith was joined by other panel members, Dr. Peter Shepard and few of our very own leaders in the field of leadership and change. There was also an open discussion between panel members and our guests who shared their insights on leadership development and challenges on change in Malaysian organisations.

To read the post event report, click here

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