Leadership Development Forum by the iA G

Co-create the future through innovative disruptions
and leading change 

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Established within the iA group since the year 2007,  our focus is to make a real difference in helping organizations reimagine their futures and build enterprise capabilities to successfully transform and thrive during economic shifts. We work with you to develop leadership within your organisations. From instilling long-term behavioural and cultural leadership mindset intervention, designing impactful development programs to managing large scale training and development programs. We focus on 4 core leadership domains— leading self, leading stakeholders, leading business and leading transformation.


1. Deep Knowledge and Experience


We have deep-rooted insights garnered over years of experience based on real world successful efforts in enterprise transformation, enterprise capability and capacity building and digitalization projects.

2. Extensive Network of Experts 


Our network comprises of business leaders, academia, thought leaders, policy makers, thinkers and doers in various fields across various sectors, worldwide.

3. Collaborative Approach


Our unique approach is designed to facilitate co-creation of the future through innovative disruptions and leading the change. We lean on our specialized solutioning know-how and toolkits.

Rethink strategies and leadership capabilities to make a difference in your organisation

To address broad leadership gaps that exist in organisations through the identification and development programs for employees. 

Tailored leadership programs and interventions to meet greater demand for new skills, mindsets and capabilities in a diversified work environment.

To help leaders face challenges to respond to the complexity that may arise due to gaps between middle and senior management.

To future-proof leaders for a leadership succession plan for business growth, expansion and transformation to face uncertainties and economic volatility.

LDF in Action

Through our various engagements and experiences, we are passionate in sharing our wisdom to the world.